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A range of Habitations (10 - 20mm scale) with detachable roofs and floors


High quality, hand-crafted modular hill segments suitable for all wargaming periods and scales.


A hexagon-based modular terrain-basing system that allows you to create superior gaming tables of any dimension or scale.

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Winter 2014

No, your eyes do not deceive you. There has been an update.

To the lurkers and UTTT members I haven't been working with, thank you for your patience.

Here's what's been happening.

Five new table commissions have been completed as well as a half dozen additions to existing tables and some left-field projects like the 2mm scale island for a forthcoming Napoleonic Naval system presently meandering through kickstarter.

No new stuff for the DIY crew. I'm doing a lot of modification to existing stock where I can rather than creating a new line. My most recent commission (Maleme Airfield - Crete) did not use a single overlay. All the vertical rises were constructed from balsa, styrofoam and foam board, cut using a tile as a template. The Yukkas proved to be the greatest challenge especially since I needed 50.

Two of the new tables used hill slopes (25mm height change) to create gully slopes. To do this, the rest of the board has to be lifted 25mm using  individual Styrofoam tiles. It's given the terrain another dimension and makes wadis possible.

Members can expect a Winter Update within a fortnight. No, really!!. Stop laughing!!!

This Update will have details on a Collector Tile sale, how to make your Yukkas,  tips on making the Styrofoam risers and a refurbishment guide for those with ageing layouts.

Now to work on getting the enlarged versions of the pics to link with those to the right.... grumble grumble grumble....




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