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A range of Habitations (10 - 20mm scale) with detachable roofs and floors


High quality, hand-crafted modular hill segments suitable for all wargaming periods and scales.


A hexagon-based modular terrain-basing system that allows you to create superior gaming tables of any dimension or scale.

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Autumn 2013

Finally some new stuff for the dedicated members and lurkers.

The demand for Saga Boards (28mm Skirmish) and the proliferation of similar game systems has allowed me to diversify my range to accommodate for the market demands........ Go with the flow Al.

If gaming space is at a premium, the Baby Board will give you the terrain your warband deserves, set up on a kitchen table (and still have room for snacks and drinks).

The larger boards allow for more interesting terrain combinations and tactical challenges.

You are not restricted to these combinations either. Large hills, plateaux, rivers, streams, rough ground, and scrub can all be modelled. These sets allow you an economical starting point. The Pond or Farm can be an ideal present for the gaming father/husband/wife.

Don't despair 15mm stalwarts, all these new pieces are multi-scale. Change the woods inserts to smaller or different vegetation, and your 28mm skirmish table becomes a 15mm battlefield (or 6mm if you want).

All tiles are double flocked and highly detailed. Look out for the animal tracks in the soft mud around the pond.

Now you have a new entry point for the creation of YOUR Gaming World.

Have fun, stay sane.

Al Griffin





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Fully Detailed, High Quality, Durable

Wargaming Terrain

28mm Skirmish Tables


Baby Board

3ft diameter - $349 + P&P

(Fully Detailed)



Mother Board

4ft x 3ft - $549 + P&P

(Fully Detailed)


Father Board

5ft x 3ft - $749 + P&P

(Fully Detailed)



Traditionalising your

Skirmish Board

(and other stuff)